Rene Gortat

Rene Gortat is a New York City-based artist of Polish descent currently working towards his MFA at Syracuse University. In 2012, he earned a BA in Art and a BA in Philosophy from Lycoming College in Pennsylvania, where he first discovered the satisfaction of creation as an art form.

At the age of nine, Gortat and his family immigrated from a small village in Poland to a slightly bigger New York City. Throughout his life, Gortat has moved, on average, once a year. This constant movement fostered a sense of adventure but also one of instability. His work explores the concepts of home and displacement, and of abandonment and the search for security.

Gortat is best known for his soft sculptures created by meticulously hand cutting three-dimensional forms out of neon-colored layered fleece fabric. Gortat uses the fabric, which was inspired by the softness and approachability of baby blankets, to share a basic human desire for love and connection.