Follow The Light 

"Media multitasking is increasingly prevalent in today's society and has been associated with negative psychosocial and cognitive impacts. (p1) Individuals who reported higher amounts of media multitasking had smaller gray matter in the ACC (anterior cingulate cortex). (p4) The ACC serves as a crucial nexus of information processing pathways in the brain and has been implicated in sensorimotor, nociceptive, higher cognitive and emotional/motivational processes. (p5)  The lower gray matter volumes could also possibly explain the poorer cognitive control performance and negative socio-emotional outcomes. (p6) 

Loh KK, Kanai R (2014) Higher Media Multi-Tasking Activity Is Associated with Smaller Gray-Matter Density in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex. PLOS ONE 9(9): e106698. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0106698

Follow The Light (24"H x 18"L x 1.5"W) is three dimensional wall piece, constructed out of steel, acrylic, and LEDs that captures the viewer's attention by creating a calm, meditative, and introspective atmosphere. The clarity of the interior shape shifts depending on the viewer's physical relationship to the piece. It is to be used by the viewer as a tool to combat today's overwhelming assault of virtual information. By focusing on the light distractions and anxieties of everyday life disappear. 

The presentation of the piece varies in response to the gallery's lighting.