Let's See It Finished

“Let’s See It Finished” is a pursuit of perfection. Using MDF, I employed the elements of geometry to create a set of 20 objects that are defined by straight lines, flat planes, and uniform color. Creating the set by hand, I focused intensely on making each line as straight, each plane as flat, and every coat of paint as even as humanly possible. The 20 finished pieces boast near-ideal precision, yet a critical eye won’t have trouble finding inaccuracies - the slight slip of a router, or the incorrect tilt of a sander, for example.  

In the tangible world, geometric perfection is impossible. No matter the level of precision a physical product reaches - whether created by human hands or a machine - it will never be assuredly exact. The imperfections of this work are proof of reality and humanity. It may seem futile on my part to strive for perfection fully knowing it doesn't exist, but as an artist, I am satisfied knowing that I have at least come reasonably close.