Newsletter #1


Welcome to my first newsletter!

Exciting news: As of this fall, I am attending a three-year MFA program at Syracuse University!

Ever since graduating college, I knew that grad school was in my future. I chose not to attend grad school straight out of college, which proved to be a tough but smart move. The real world kicked my ass for a few years. Time passed, application deadlines expired, but I didn’t feel ready. Finally, in 2014, I decided to create a strong body of work to be used for my application.

I had no idea the amount of effort it would take to complete it. With a full-time job, I worked tirelessly for nearly a year to complete a series of 30 framed paintings. I learned the true meaning of hard work and determination. To save money and time, I would bike from my apartment in Queens to a wood shop in the Bronx, where I built and painted the frames. I would complete this near-marathon distance of 22 miles several times per week, rain or shine, snow or ice.  

With the project completed, the search for a grad school began. I compiled a number of schools, visited a few, sent in my applications and hoped for the best. I was successfully accepted to a few programs. However, Syracuse University was an easy choice. It’s well-equipped, relatively close to home, and most importantly, orange is my favorite color. I have many hopes and fears for the next three years. Many challenges lie ahead, but I’m looking forward to improving my practice and exploring the new opportunities.

Do you have any advice for me? Anything I should or shouldn't do in grad school? Any words of wisdom would help.
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Now, back to work.